Young Thinkers' Conference


 Young Thinkers’ Conference 2019 
India & The Neighbourhood: Next Gen Concerns & Ideas

 Jobs, Skills and Education 

Asian Confluence Centre, Shillong, Meghalaya  
Date: 8-9 August, 2019 

India’s north eastern and eastern region along with immediate neighbours Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan comprise a geographically compact region in Eastern South Asia.  Through time immemorial the region as a whole prospered with a free flow of peoples, skills and ideas.  In a post partition era political divisions made over a naturally flowing geography took its toll. However recent times have witnessed a great push from all the nations to connect across boundaries. Many projects on connectivity, infrastructure, power generation and sharing, as well as schemes for educational and cultural exchanges are underway. The opening up of consulates of Bhutan and Bangladesh in Guwahati is an example of the will of governments. A shared geography holds enormous potential to bring in an era of shared prosperity through areas such as agriculture, tourism, high technology manufacturing, smart grid creation etc.

The Young Thinkers’ Conference, Shillong, jointly organised by the British Deputy High Commission, Kolkata, and the Asian Confluence, is an attempt to galvanise young minds and thought leaders who can influence policy to come together to share their perspectives on three core issues for the next generation: the jobs of tomorrow, the skills that are needed and the overall educational orientation for the future, that is needed to take advantage of the shared geography and usher in shared prosperity.