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Key Takeaways


Ø The bio cultural landscape of the North East is as diverse as the plant biodiversity

Ø The need to protect and conserve these plants can only be achieved through the support of the government i.e. the monetary support.

Ø Monoculture is not the solution for conservation. Instead intercropping can be very important for this process

Ø The population is the custodian of the plants growing in this region and their cultivation or conservation is much dependent on the land holding or forest holding capacity of the region

Ø Incentivization of cultivation is very important. Limited market intelligence is one of the major reasons( packaging, advertising etc.) why one hasn’t been able to sell the projects

Ø In order to conserve and propagate the RET plants it is important that the planting material is readily made available

Ø Traditional healthcare practices are still being followed in Manipur and North East India. This is the major or the only medical facility available in some rural and remote areas of Manipur. Cross- cultural ethno-pharmacological showed traditional healthcare practices followed by Maiba-Maibi(male-female traditional healthcare practitioners) of Manipur

Ø Another way to perpetrate and introduce ethno-cultural practices is to encourage homestays where the visitors would live and enjoy local living with the people of that area.


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