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River As Critical Linkages

The two-day Nadi Festival is underway in Shillong. The conference looks at rivers as important linkages between countries that share common international boundaries. It has brought together high level ministers, diplomats and participants from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar to thrash out possibilities of trade, commerce and cultural linkages through the intricate rivers systems that crisscross the region and could be harnessed for better waterways communication. Asian Confluence, a civil society organization that sees itself as the third space linking governments and other public institutions has been in the forefront of advocacy to bring the South and South East Asian countries whose futures are interlinked, on a common platform to work out a basic framework not just for creating trade outlets but to explore possibilities for people to people interface and cultural exchanges. This time the State Government of Meghalaya and the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Foundation for Asian Studies, Kolkata have joined hands to organize the Nadi Conference.