Opportunities in Water, Tourism and linked Livelihoods in Tripura.

Date:   Tue Jun 18, 2019 - Tue Jun 18, 2019 , Contact:   sayandeep.c@asianconfluence.org
Location:   Agartala, Tripura , Hosts:   Asian Confluence


In follow-up to the project “Mekong-Brahmaputra Conversation” implemented in 2018 by the Asian Confluence, this year’s project seeks to disseminate the learning and best practice cases documented from the Mekong basin in four North Eastern states of India. The overall aim is to share the learning, outputs and outcomes of last year’s work with actors on the ground in the North East to understand the possibilities of adapting the learning in the North East context and also seek recommendations on the future course of work that can be taken up based on the previous work.

The consultation cum dissemination workshop aims at facilitating knowledge sharing, interaction and brainstorming to:

  1. Disseminate learning outputs and outcomes from Mekong-Brahmaputra  Conversation project in the North East
  2. Engaging local stakeholders to seek inputs and ideas on how to adapt the learning and best practice cases from Mekong basin

Develop recommendations and ideas for adapting the learning given the local conditions, needs and challenges of the North East region, to lead to sustainable solutions, which can be implemented in the local context at a later stage
Identify potential partners, collaborators and champions who can help in implementing specific interventions in future.

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