India’s Expanding Horizons: Act East to Indo-Pacific

Date:   Mon Oct 19, 2020 - Mon Oct 19, 2020












As the definition of the neighbourhood expands to not just include the immediate neighbours but also the extended neighbours and maritime neighbour in the East, India’s Act East policy is evolving into the Indo-Pacific and including strategic partners. This webinar will discuss the key takeaways from the book “Act East to Act Indo-Pacific: India’s Expanding Neighbourhood” authored by Prof Prabir De and aims to revisit the Act East narrative in light of India’s Indo-Pacific initiative.


Welcome by: Sabyasachi Dutta, Executive Director, Asian Confluence

Opening Remarks: Prof. Sanjay Chaturvedi, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of International Relations, South Asian University (SAU), New Delhi.


Capt Sarabjeet Singh Parmar, Executive Director, National Maritime Foundation

(NMF), New Delhi


Dr. Prabir De, Professor, ASEAN-India Centre (AIC), RIS, New Delhi


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