Flowing Borders : Learnings Between Brahmaputra And Mekong

Date:   Mon Oct 30, 2017 - Tue Oct 31, 2017
Location:   Asian Confluence Centre, Shillong , Hosts:   Asian Confluence


 The seminar highlighted the civilizational and people connect between India and South East Asia around the narrative of rivers Brahmaputra and Mekong. Rivers are the cradle of civilization and they flow naturally knowing no borders. They shape habitat and livelihood. The Mekong has largely shaped the South East Asian region while the Brahmaputra symbolizes the vibrant ecology of India’s North East. While there are several ongoing efforts at regional integration for enhanced mutual economic prosperity, the seminar saw a sharing of experiences between experts on issues relating to both the regions and their ecosystem services, management of rivers, livelihoods of riverine communities, to bring forth the challenges and possibilities for further cooperation.

This is part of the Asian Confluence initiative in collaboration with HBF, a Green Political Foundation from Germany to stimulate and accelerate revival of the shared civilizational values between the peoples of South and South East Asia in order to strengthen our intellectual, economic, technological, political and security ties, thus ensuring that we become dependable and involved partners for the growth of all countries in emerging Asia.


Flowing Borders : Learnings Between Brahmaputra And Mekon