Film Screening of “Broto Alpona”

Date:   Tue Mar 14, 2017 - Tue Mar 14, 2017
Location:   Asian Confluence Centre, Shillong , Hosts:   Asian Confluence

Asian Confluence, Shillong organised and hosted a film screening of “Broto Alpona”, directed by Sarbari Chowdhury, to commemorate the indigenous cultures and traditions of India. 

The documentary shed light on the unique tradition of Bengal which is being practiced since ages, however it is not known to many people. This initiative was a step forward to showcase and appreciate the unique cultural practice of the women of Bengal. Bengali women are known to have performed various magico-religious rituals, to appease and influence their gods who would grant them their wishes. These rituals involved finger painted designs drawn on clay floors and walls. These women, often powerless members of society, used this art form to convey their hopes and wants to their gods and display their artistic talents. This practice has almost faded from use today, and information about this art form is very hard to come by. This film is an attempt to preserve and showcase this rich cultural heritage.
The screening was followed by a panel discussion of five panellists who stirred an interactive session; each discussed in detail about the traditional floor art and drew significant thoughts of how important it is to preserve such cultures and traditions that are slowly but steadily reaching an endangered ground of being forgotten.
The panellists include Sarbari Chowdhury, Director of “Broto Alpana”; Mandakini Basu, Associate professor, Department of English, St Anthony’s College, Shillong; Sabyasachi Dutta, Director, Asian Confluence, Shillong; Manas Ranjan Mahapatra, who heads the National Centre for Children’s Literature division of National Book Trust, and who is also an educational activitist, editor, poet and writer; and N.Munish Singh, Director, Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Shillong.

Film Screening of Broto Alpona