Documentary Film Screening ‘U Thied Ka Lawei(Sustainable Root)’

Date:   Fri May 05, 2017 - Fri May 05, 2017
Location:   Asian Confluence Centre, Shillong , Hosts:   Asian Confluence

The intelligence of the indigenous people of Khasi-Pnar, is gracefully shown in the documentary film entitled; U Thied Ka Lawei (Sustainable Root)”, directed by Randolph V. Langstieh. The film was screened at 6:00pm at the Asian Confluence, Conference Hall, and followed by a Panel Discussion.
The film concentrates on the traditional method of bridge construction. The profundity of the documentary owes to the engineering feat of the inhabitants of the village. Nature is always seen the teacher, guardian, and guide for the Khasi-Pnar community which bestows upon them their natural abilities. This culture comes to life as the film succeeds in capturing the magnificent works of Nature in the village of Shiliang Jashar.
The discourse of the documentary expressed in its narrative and music melting into the visuals, authenticate the 21 minutes documentary. The documentary provokes the consciousness of the interdependency of Khasi-Pnar community with the environment.
The screening was followed by an interactive panel discussion comprising of four members which includes Ian Khongmen; Toki Blah; Randolph Langstieh, the director; and Prof. Binayak Dutta, who drew insights on the matter. Randolph introduced his crew members comprising of his students from St. Edmund’s College, Shillong and particularly Ricky Paliar who is the editor and cameraman capturing the right shots in a six hour ordeal.
The discussion was opened to the audience of different personalities. Thereon, the discussion turned into an awareness of the wisdom of the Khasi ancestors. The dexterity and knowledge of a young boy working and demonstrating the architecture of the root-bridge was commendable. The full employment of natural materials, devoid of any man-made materials is admired and praised by everyone present. The discussion eventually resulted into a realisation of how the Government schemes have caused destruction to the natural bridges, which replaced them by concrete bridges. This is a huge loss to the sui generis culture of the Khasi-Pnar Community.


Documentary Film Screening 'U Thied Ka Lawei'