AWE Strengthening Women Entrepreneurship in North East India

Date:   Thu Feb 18, 2021 - Thu Feb 18, 2021












 Advanced Mentor Session on Technology to Scale up Venture Growth


Sudeshna Mukopadhyay, Founder & CEO, Techwierdo Consulatncy Private Limited

We are thankful to all the women entreprenuers for their active participation and enthusiasm around the first-ever AWE India programme. We are very happy to share that we have now lined up three advanced sessions.


 These on-line advanced mentoring sessions will be on selected subjects to help introduce the women to new and exciting areas of entrepreneurship. The first of these sessions will be taking place on February 19, 2021 and will be conducted by Sudeshna Mukopadhyay, Founder & CEO, Techweirdo Consultancy Private Limited.

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