An Interactive Informal Reading Of Poems By Dr Nandini Sahu

Date:   Wed Jun 14, 2017 - Wed Jun 14, 2017
Location:   Asian Confluence Centre, Shillong , Hosts:   Asian Confluence

Dr. Nandini Sahu is a major voice in contemporary Indian English literature. She is a poetess and a creative writer of international repute, whose works have been widely published in India, U.S.A, U.K., Africa and Pakistan. Dr. Sahu has presented papers on various subjects in India and abroad. She is a double gold medalist in English literature and has also achieved numerous awards.
Sahu read multiple poems out of her original poetry collections that were inspired by various motifs. The feministic tone of her poems was not conceded by the poetess; however, she claimed to be humanistic in her approach. The poetess enthralled the audience who yearningly called for more recitation, which she responded with gratification. She also made it known to the audience that she had proposed to the IGNOU Authorities about introducing ‘Children Literature’ to the Curriculum, however, it was rejected. Interestingly, Sahu produced a book entitled “Dynamics of Children’s Literature” which she surprisingly released on this occasion.
An interactive session was followed which was heated by multiple questions from the audience that compelled the facilitator to intervene, as the interaction seemed to have no end. Finally, Sahu concluded by offering supports to anyone who is thinking of translating indigenous works to English.

An Interactive Informal Reading of Poems By Dr Nandini Sahu