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Research Analyst

Research Analyst Job Summary

We are seeking an efficient, detail-oriented research analyst to join our growing organization. In this position, you will interpret, manage, and analyze research data in order to translate results into better solutions. You will work to facilitate greater returns through surveys, research calls, meetings, and analyzing habits and data of competitors.

Research Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

Analyze data and information to find ways to improve operations

Inform and advise various levels of management and stakeholders

Meet with clients and vendors to discuss procedures

Develop and conduct user surveys

Analyze habits and data available from competitors

Research market and industry trends and patterns

Create detailed reports of findings

Simplify findings into presentations

Organize and store data for future research projects

Document all data and research procedures

Organize and conduct focus groups of project users

Compare ROI with past numbers

Create diagrams and documentation to pinpoint problems and solutions

Implement tests of processes, policies, and protocols

Identify and understand problems through forecasting, gap analysis, quantitative reporting, research, and statistical analysis

Recommend changes and improvements based on research findings

Write reports, white papers, and other published documents

Compile and analyze data points

Research Analyst Requirements and Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, business, IT, management, administration, economics, or information science

Two years experience in an applied research or data management environment; experience in IT, economics, business/systems analysis, quality assurance, or relevant position

Able to manipulate large, complex data sets using a variety of software applications (Excel, Microsoft Office Suite), including the use of relational databases

Able to perform statistical analysis

Skilled knowledge in generating process documentation

Strong written and verbal communication skills with technical writing skills a must

Able to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently