Vision and Mission

Empowering and Engaging the Third Space

The Asian Confluence initiates, stimulates and accelerates revival of the shared civilizational values between the peoples of India, South East and East Asia in order to strengthen our intellectual, economic, technological, political and security ties, and thus ensure that we become dependable and involved partners for the growth of all countries in emerging Asia.

The Asian Confluence is an academic and cultural institution, headquartered in Shillong, India. The institute promotes an open space for cultural, economic and intellectual exchanges towards creating better understanding of the North Eastern and Eastern region of India in the larger context of India as an emerging player in East Asian geopolitics and stable partner in the prosperity of the Indo Pacific Region.


 There has been a renewed vigour in engagement among the nation states in mainly two spaces: one, led by Governments and two, initiated by Big Businesses. Governments can put in political structures. Big Businesses with government together can take a step forward by putting in economic structures. There is however a Third Space beyond such efforts which can be nurtured: that of a Civil Society driven network of communities across the region who are votaries for win-win solutions across borders that ensure overall balanced economic growth, and ensure security and stability.

     Through research, training and advocacy programmes, the Asian Confluence project empowers and facilitates programs for "the Third Space"  to enhance people to people contact between India and her neighbouring countries and to encourage a better understanding of the culture and socio-political issues of each other. At the heart of the project are initiatives that encourage people to people exchange such as, promoting research and interest in the region through educational tourism, cultural tourism, creation of “out of the box” livelihood generation by promoting eco-friendly products and services, impetus to green industries aimed at economic development by forging a network of civil society organizations working on similar objectives.