Divya Jeevan Foundation Society

 The Asian Confluence is an Initiative of the Divyajeevan Foudation Society (DJFS).

           Divya Jeevan Foundation Society is educational not-for-profit non-governmental organization dedicated to the noble ideal  to act as a solvent of ancient hostilities and bitter prejudices that divides men, groups and nations and be a harmonizer in a world driven by mortal conflict, and to foster an atmosphere of creativity and assist in the emergence of a new social order which is at once at peace with itself and its surroundings and remains unspoilt by barren intellectualism. It activities thereby aim to foster the creation of a values driven base to the process of modernization and ensure that social transformation is not derailed from the deep spirituality of man irrespective of caste, creed, religion, isms and beliefs.

            Divya Jeevan Foundation is registered as a Social, Cultural, Educational, Scientific and Charitable society under the Meghalaya Societies Registration Act XII of 1983 on the Thirteenth day of June, Nineteen Ninety Six (Registration Number and the date of registration: SR/DJFS 305/96 Date: 13th June, 1996) with its registered office at, “Divya Jeevan”, Lady Veronica Lane, Laitumkhrah, Shillong – 793003. Donations within India to DJFS enjoy 80G benefits and International grants/donations are allowed under FCRA guidelines. The organization is registered with the Niti Aayog. DJF has worked on several projects with governmental and non-governmental partners and has hosted a large number of luminaries of national and international repute on its platform.

             Focusing primarily on the eastern and north eastern region of India and its strategic significance to the development of India in the East Asian global canvas, the foundation runs several research, training and advocacy projects in the fields of environment, education and governance. Green Environment, Good Education and Good Governance are the three main goals of all the projects of Divya Jeevan Foundation. In all these three fields, the foundation has a unique approach: That combining the perceptive depth of a think-tank with grassroots activism and value driven advocacy as illustrated below: