The Asian Confluence Center

To facilitate the objectives of The Asian Confluence, an activity hub has been created in the heart of the educational district of Shillong, the cultural and educational capital of the North East: namely the Asian Confluence Center. The “Asian Confluence Center” offers state facilities for organizations and individuals to host an array of activities. The Asian Confluence center is located in the heart of the educational district of Shillong. Shopping, cafes, restaurants, hospitals, gymnasiums and access to public transportation are all within a few minutes’ walk.

The Asian Confluence Center provides the infrastructure and logistical support for regular activities. While some of the activities are initiated on a regular basis on its own or in partnership with an organization or an individual; the space and the facilities are available to independent organizations, corporate and individuals to organize programs that fall within the mission-vision of Asian Confluence.  

The centre features the following:

  • State of the Art Conference Hosting Facilities (150 people)

  • Training Rooms (40 people) 

  • Private Meeting Rooms

  • Library specializing in North East India Studies 

  • Guest Lounges and meeting spaces

  • Guest House Facilities

  • Art Exhibition Space

  • Training Rooms 

  • Hospitality and Event management services 

  • Curated travel services for conferences 



Asian Confluence Center