Who We Are : Third Space

Asian Confluence is a think-tank institute that initiates, stimulates and accelerates revival of the shared civilizational values between the people of India and South East Asia, in order to strengthen our intellectual, economic, technological, political and security ties. Thus ensuring that we become dependable and involved partners for the growth of all countries in emerging Asia.

Asian Confluence: Defining and Engaging the Third Space



Third Space is the space we give meaning to, via the creation of a zone or territory that spans local and national boundaries. One forming a commonwealth of citizenries, a rapidly and continually changing space in which we live. It is the experience of living, in harmony, with a melding of cultures and consciousness. A sanctuary of civilizations coming together and in their mingling, catalyzing emergence of fresh cultural value. Third Spaces are ‘Home of Harmony’, thus crucial in cultivating a civil society, democracy, civic engagement, and establishing feelings of a sense of identity and belonging. Serving as ‘anchors’ of community life, they facilitate and foster broader, more creative interactions across cultures, contexts, and creations. The Third Space, however, is not just distinct from the First and Second Space. It also remains open to encompassing the other two as and when is desired, without any interference in their independent operations and functioning. It is the space in which all spaces come together leading to harmonious synergies. Ideally, where inspired people inspire other people.

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