Reclaiming Education

“Reclaiming Education” a seminar by ICARE, On the 21st June, 2017.


ICARE organised a one-day event on the theme “Reclaiming Education: Convergence, Learning, an impact.” Education experts from the state were the main speakers for the seminar. Dr Flourette Dkhar of NERIE delivered the first presentation on the need for convergence. Dr Melissa Wallang, Dr Veronica Pala, Carmo Noronha of Bethany Society, and several other speakers expressed their concerns. Toki Blah, president of ICARE, articulated the purpose of the seminar is to survey the school education scene in the state with a view to preparing recommendations, to be discussed with political parties so as to ensure the inclusion of high priority recommendations in the 2018 election in Meghalaya.

In an open discussion, the participants gave their suggestions on how to improve the quality of school education in the state and in particular the primary education scenario. Concerns were also expressed on the fact that education in Meghalaya has not been given the priority it deserves thereby leading to its present decrepit state. It was felt that a more active participation by stakeholders comprising parents, teachers, and the community et al. would help improve learning outcomes. The seminar was attended by representatives of the major political parties, NGOs, colleges and universities. Principals and teachers of several schools participated in the discussions. Journalists also presented their views.



21 June, 2017



Day long