Asian Confluence initiates, stimulates and accelerates revival of the shared civilizational values between the people of India and South East Asia in order to strengthen our intellectual, economic, technological, political and security ties. Thus ensuring that we become dependable and involved partners for the growth of all countries in emerging Asia.

Headquartered in Shillong, the picturesque hill station in North East India, a special focus of the ‘Asian Confluence’ is to provide an open platform that seeks to bring about, through cultural and intellectual exchanges, a better understanding of India’s North Eastern region. This comprehension brought about is in the larger context of India as a responsible player in East Asian geopolitics. It is a well-recognized fact that the North Eastern States of India, with their great biological, anthropological and cultural diversity and strategic proximity to countries of South East Asia, can serve as the next growth hub for India helping it better integrate with its South East Asian neighbours. The challenges to unlock this growth potential are many, even as several governmental initiatives towards this end are underway. However, the role of civil society in forging an enabling environment for such growth is a factor that has assumed great importance in recent times. It is this role that the Asian Confluence has assumed for itself on behalf of, and as part of civil society.

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