Dr. Nongkynrih finished her M.A. and Ph.D. from NEHU, Shillong. Her doctoral thesis was on ‘Women Workforce Participation in India: A Study of Trends and Determinants’. She is presently an Assistant Professor teaching Labour Economics, in the Department of Economics at NEHU, which she joined in December 2006. Prior to this she was a Lecturer in the Economics Department at St. Edmund’s College, Shillong.

Dr. S. Bhattacharjee is currently an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the North East Hill University at Shillong, Meghalaya. She was awarded her Ph.D in International Politics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and obtained her PDGM in Globalization and development from the Institute of Social Science, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Parag Jyoti Saikia holds an MA in Development Studies from the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. He has worked with Society for Promotion of Participative Ecosystem Management (SOPPECOM) and South Asia Network on Dam, Rivers and People (SANDRP) in various capacities. His areas of interest are political ecology, hydropower, floods and northeast India.

Dr. B. Dutta currently is working in the North East Hill University at Shillong, Meghalaya.He has authored numerous books and articles on the Bengali immigration during Partition. His areas of interest include Subaltern Mobilization, Partition of India Studies, Gender Studies, Legal Studies.

Prof. S.N.Lamare is an Associate Professor of History at the North Eastern Hill University, Shillong. A man of many talents, he is a historian, film maker, poet and an author of two books on the Jaintia people: ‘The Jaintias’ and ‘Resistance Movements in North East India: The Jaintias of Meghalaya’.

Dr. Tarun Datta, was Awarded Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) by Assam University, Silchar. His thesis was ‘Road to Kunming: The Stilwell Road’. He completed his Post Graduation in History from Dibrugarh University and has been awarded numerous fellowships including the Indian Council of Historical Research- Junior Research Fellowship. He has authored and edited many books and publications.