India’s North East… an Asian confluence…

The story of India’s seven sisters is one that enchants you… It spells out a beautiful mosaic of culture, history, traditions that play a frivolous game of hide and seek in alluring surroundings. A region, truly blessed. With largely untapped resources, yet tainted with insurgency related conflicts and an alienation of the local people from those of mainland India.
American moralist Eric Hoffer had quoted, “The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.” If one looked past the troubles the north east has witnessed in the recent past, they will discover a place where children’s laughter ring through its clear blue skies. Where the warmth and humility of the people melt away your mundane worries and inhibitions.
Historically, the north east has served as an important artery for people from surrounding areas of Nepal, Bhutan, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh to connect with one another. Connect socially through an exchange of culture, art and literature. But interestingly also through well-established economic relations, and that is where lies… the crux of overcoming politically fuelled uncertainty the region battles with.
The physical proximity that the North-east shares with the South East Asian countries, along with the immense biological, anthropological and cultural diversity it possesses; makes it a strong contender for taking a lead in helping India establish and secure strong geo political ties with other Asian nations.
When streams of the same nature join one other, they form a steady and strong river that powerfully gushes forward. A similar confluence of the North-east states of India with the South East Asian countries it is flanked by, is but a natural process. It has an inherent potential to foster a much needed economic growth in this region and also importantly, through an intellectual exchange of thoughts and ideas, further peaceful relations with its neighbours. The Asian Confluence invites people from all walks of life, to join in the celebration of the synthesis of the indigenous hues of the North-east with the colours that South East Asian countries have to offer!