India East Asia Centre: Scholars Collective


The India East Asia Centre seeks to tap into the vast regional reservoir of creative minds in the north east, engaged in collective scholarship and dialogue.
Recognizing the immense significance of this region and the urgent necessity for interactive and pro-active scholarship, ‘The Scholars Collective’ exists as an evolving forum dedicated to creating forward-thinking and positive scholarship. The forum is actively engaged in research and advocacy on Northeast India, drawing on the region’s unique geopolitical significance, economic potential and cultural diversity. This initiative is an attempt at realizing a vigorous popular interaction from, by and about the region beyond the binaries of statist interventions and business initiatives. The idea inherent to this initiative is to take the opportunity to invite young minds to join The Scholars Collective and participate in these emerging conversations on the future of this region. These are organized time to time at the Asian Confluence through interactive seminars and workshops. Under the Scholars Collective, the ‘Young Scholars Forum’ is an annual conference, which is a platform for events designed by budding entrepreneurs and college-level leaders. The end goal of this is to discuss and debate upon their ideas for the Northeast, on its future growth, the emerging trends and the direction it should head towards.