What is the Asian Confluence?

The Asian Confluence is a DivyaJeevan Foundation initiative. It has been conceptualized to promote an open space for cultural and intellectual exchanges, towards creating a better understanding of the North Eastern region of India. This understanding is in the larger context of India as an emerging power in the East Asian geopolitics.

What is the Third Space?

Third Space is the space we give meaning to by the creation of territories that span local and national boundaries. It is the experience of living in harmony, with a melding of cultures and consciousness. A sanctuary of civilisations coming together and in their mingling, catalysing emergences of fresh cultural value. Its existence is crucial to cultivating a civil society, democracy, civic engagement and establishing feelings of a sense of identity and belonging.

What are Bamboo Grove events?

The Bamboo common to the whole of South and East Asia is symbol of resilience, strength with lightness, and finesse. The Asian Confluence draws inspiration from this to create and nurture events and meets that bring peoples, ideas, thought together to create synergies. Showcasing of the fine and performing arts, youth focused talent competitions and programmes of alternative holistic wellness are some examples of typical Bamboo Grove events.

What is India’s North East at the core of the Asian Confluence?

For ages, due to its strategic location, the north east has served an important corridor for people from Nepal, Bhutan, China, Myanmar and Banlgadesh to interconnect. Connect not just socially through an exchange of art, literature and culture but also economically through trade relations. The biological, anthropological and cultural diversity this region possesses also make it a strong contender to usher in peacebuilding measures with the neighbouring countries.

Does the Asian Confluence organize tours of the North East?

‘The Habitat’ works as the tourism arm of The Asian Confluence, offering cozy accommodation in the heart of the educational district of Shillong, along with organized excursions which include educational tours, border tours, history trails and village tourism.
These are designed around giving the guests a unique perspective into the North East region, its people, its history, its geography and the promise it holds for the future.

Are businesses across borders connected by the Asian Confluence?

Yes, the third space is instrumental in connecting smaller businesses at the level of individuals. This applies to entrepreneurship initiatives within the north east and also those with bordering South East Asian countries.

Who is behind the Asian Confluence initiative?

The ’Asian Confluence’, is an initiative of Divyajeevan Foundation. Founded in 1992, DlvyaJeeevan Foundation (DJF) has already established itself in the domain of promoting thought leadership in the areas of Good Governance, Education and Environment pertaining to the eastern region of India. Divyajeevan Foundation is a registered not-for-profit charitable, educational and cultural institution. It is a non-political, non-religious and non-commercial organization.

How do I become a member?

The Asian Confluence has a membership scheme based upon reciprocation to our invitation. Member benefits include- ability to use the Guest House and Conference facilities, ability to provide referral for memberships, bring in guests, ability to book the venue for hosting events etc.