Drawing on ancient wisdoms… the Bamboo Grove Celebrations…

The Bamboo- is not a mere plant. It is a meaningful metaphor for things much deeper. The Buddha held his first sermon under a Bamboo Grove at Sarnath. Not just in India, but across the whole of South and East Asia the bamboo is revered as a powerful symbol that represents resilience, finesse, and imponderous strength.
The Asian Confluence draws from the inspirational Bamboo to facilitate events and meets which aim to create and nurture fine and the performing arts, under the cool shade of its ‘Bamboo Grove’. The grove is a platform for the youth to be able to showcase their talents. It’s comparable to planting the Bamboo culms and actually ‘watch it grow’, as the artists too break ground and advance forward skywards, their skills polished and in place. Like a future leaf, prepared to come out and gleam in front of the world.
For centuries, in the east, the bamboo has played an intrinsic role in music, art, religion and one’s day to day life. Art that never fades have been created on the bedrock of the bamboo. Poems that forever capture one’s soul have been penned with the Bamboo. Strung together by the flexible bamboo strips, they have survived the test of time. Strong yet malleable. Empowered with a fortitude, yet savvy enough to shine through. The Bamboo Grove tenders the opportunity of soaking in its ancient wisdom to the talented youth of the North-east find their own special niche. Come join us at the Bamboo Grove, as the whistling zephyr meanders through it creating a joyous symphony of gifted young voices of the north east!
The Bamboo has a lot to teach about Balance. The persona of the plant itself radiates wellness. Through alternative pathways, an attainment of holistic wellness – is encouraged at the Bamboo Grove. This doesn’t just encompass the wellbeing of one’s physical and mental states. But also a social, spiritual, environmental, occupational and intellectual wellness. For the ancient Chinese a meaningful life was defined by one’s relationship with the Bamboo. Its aesthetic dimensions defining a life time well lived. The wellness programs held at the grove help you harmonise different aspects of your life and find that inner balance which you have always strived to attain!