Concept Note

ABSTRACT The “Asian Confluence”, is an initiative of Divyajeevan Foundation* to promote an open space for cultural and intellectual exchanges towards creating better understanding of the North Eastern region of India in the larger context of India as an emerging power in East Asian geopolitics. It is a well established fact that, given the proximity of the North Eastern states of India with the countries of South East Asia, the great biological, anthropological and cultural diversity, and the strategic geopolitical profile of this region, there exists an immense potential for growth and development. The challenges to unlock this growth potential are also manifold, and several governmental initiatives towards this goal are already underway. However the role of civil society in forging an environment, conducive to growth, is a factor that has assumed great importance in recent times and one which cannot be overlooked.
Through research, training and advocacy programs, the Asian Confluence project provides an opportunity for civil society to enhance people to people contact between India and South East Asian countries and also encourage a better understanding of the cultural and socio-political issues of the region that actually are the driving force behind India’s “Look East Policy”. At the heart of the project are initiatives that encourage people to people exchange such as, promoting research and interest in the region through educational tourism, cultural tourism, creation of “out of the box” livelihood generation by promoting eco-friendly products and services, Impetus to green industries aimed at economic development by forging a network of civil society organizations working on similar objectives. The project organizes and facilitates cultural programs, exchange programs, talks, discussions and symposia with scholars and leaders of culture and thought, from India and abroad.
To galvanize these, an activity hub has been created in the heart of the educational district of Shillong, the cultural and educational capital of the North East: namely the Asian Confluence Center. The “Asian Confluence Center” offers state of the art conference center, training centre and guesthouse facilities for organizations and individuals to host seminars, conferences, lectures and networking meets.
The project is funded by donations, grants, membership fees, rent for use of center facilities, revenue from educational and cultural programs, sale of local products and other support activities.
Since Inception, the Asian Confluence has hosted a large array of events reaching out to a large cross section of people across the region. **