Academy of Governance, Innovation, Leadership and Ethics


Agility to adapt to the challenges of today and tomorrow is the measure of success for any society or nation and not just India. Agility creation needs a balanced development of the head and the heart. Intellectual and scientific excellence is incomplete without ethics, values and compassion with us. It is therefore imperative for the leaders of tomorrow, those who govern the future, to glean from the rich wisdom of the past. To understand the issues of the present in order to able to chart the course for the future. The ‘AGILE’ programs at the Asian Confluence help direct the leaders and people of the Northeast to a pragmatic realization of the common destiny of the people of this region. Initiatives are geared to promote entrepreneurship and economic growth of the Northeast. Acting as a bridge between small scale entrepreneurs within the Northeast and also in the surrounding south east Asian countries, AGILE programs help create economic opportunities in the region. These programs are targeted towards- Entrepreneurs, Policy Makers, Law Makers and Social Activists. They are aimed at equipping you with knowledge of the history of the Northeast, a deep understanding of its geography, the physics of human dynamics of the region along with the chemistry of the mind and body of its people.